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Atuqtuarvik Website Responsive Redesign

Atuqtuarvik Website Responsive Redesign
Atuqtuarvik Corporation
Web & Digital
May 2018 - January 2019
Rankin Inlet, NU
Project Summary

Having worked with Atuqtuarvik Corporation and maintained their website for many years, Kellett was asked to design a new theme for their site in 2018 to bring it up to modern standards and make it fully responsive and mobile-friendly.

Client Needs

  • A new, responsive design that is fully mobile-friendly
  • A generally more modern look and feel
  • Improved home page layout and content


Already running on the Drupal 7 platform and fully up to date from a functional standpoint, we were able to focus entirely on the design and visuals, keeping all content and most existing functionality in place. Some new content management features were built to accommodate new elements on the home page, such as a new slideshow banner and other special blocks of content. We performed a short discovery phase to determine what their needs were so we could update their home page and navigation to make it easier to find important content. We then proceeded with our process of building wireframes, then full design mockups, and finally implementing the new theme in code.


A slick and modern look and feel that stands up well today, as well as full mobile support so it can be accessed properly on any size device. Improved navigation elements make it easier to find what's needed and understand where you are in the site.

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