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BDDEC Website Design/Development

BDDEC Website Design/Development
Beaufort Delta Divisional Education Council
Web & Digital
Branding & Creative
February 2021 - October 2021
Inuvik, NT
Project Summary

BDDEC wanted to create a strong online presence for the board and schools that come under the board. The website needed to be a one stop shop for parents, students and staff to get all the information they need on a daily basis that includes but not limited to reporting an absence for students, HR tool for the staff and education apps provided by the board for students.

Client needs

  • New modern, mobile-friendly design
  • Reorganization of content
  • Ability to have a main board site along with nine-school sub sites
  • School sites should have an identical theme and but different visuals than the main board site to help distinguish them
  • Schools may have their own logos on their sites
  • It should be possible for an admin to manage all content for the board and school websites and publish it to all websites.


Kellett Communications did a detailed content audit of the existing websites and came up with a new content flow for the main board and all of the school sites. The stakeholders were involved in every step of the process and the whole project progressed following agile methodologies adapting to client feedback as it came.


Kellett designed and developed all the branding for the main board and all the schools. Based on the branding each website was designed following the color scheme, logo and other illustrations for each website. It was built on a robust, yet easy to use content management system that allows a variety of visually appealing, pre-templated content types that can be added to pages through a simple interface.

In addition, all of the sites run on a single platform with a shared database, allowing the ability to share a page of content across all the sites, or have standalone content pages only available on a single site.

Each website has information about the online education applications available for the students. Parents can easily report an absence for their kids, register them for a school year and look for before and after school care if applicable.

Staff, students and teachers can also register for a user account that will give them access to non-public resources that they may need and that BDDEC and the schools need to provide. These self-service tools will greatly help with communication between staff, parents and students, as well as for everyone to easily find current information that they need.

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