Boreal Cultivation Website Design/Development

Boreal Cultivation Website Design/Development
Boreal Cultivation Inc.
Web & Digital
April 2020 - September 2021
Yellowknief, NT
Project Summary

Boreal Cultivation Inc wanted a lightweight and low budget website to display information about their company and products.

Client needs

  • Modern and intuitive user interface that helps users easily find the information they are looking for.
  • Only allow users of age of 19 years or old with use of an age checker immediately they arrive on the website.
  • Easily manageable content, that they can update any time they need to.


For a low budget informational website Kellett Communication has developed a custom skeleton base website based on the latest Drupal version that can easily customized based on client needs. This allows them to have a powerful, robust Content Management System within the limited budget they have to launch an initial version of the website along with giving the flexibility and scalability that Drupal provides for future enhancements.


A modern, visually appealing, mobile friendly and intuitive website that does not let anyone view it with first verifying their age. Once you have passed the age verification, you can browse and view information about cannabis and cannabis products using simple and intuitive navigation. The back-end provides a robust but very easy to use content management system with a variety of pre-templated content types to make it easy to add rich and engaging content to any given page.

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