Let’s Talk About Cancer


Kellett was awarded the brand, website and collateral for the Let’s Talk About Cancer program. This project put us in direct contact with stakeholders across the territory to communicate key information about cancer, cancer screening, and cancer treatments in a visual, positive manner. Our mandate was to provide this information in a safe, informative, plain language style.



To create the brand, Kellett first held several focus groups with key stakeholders to define how cancer is viewed in the NWT, to discuss imagery around aboriginal health and wellness, and to identify goals and plans for the future. Through those consultations and research, we developed a creative brief that identified what the brand needed to capture.

Kellett then worked on a brand that would support all of the official languages of the NWT, as well as stand alone, as well as pop up banners, and a website with custom illustrations.


The Let’s Talk About Cancer brand and program was successfully launched in 2016 as part of the Choose Healthy Choices umbrella program. Its strong focus on images, illustrations and graphics strongly connects the message to residents throughout the NWT who have a first language other than English.