Department of Human Resources

The relationship

There are many facets to Kellett’s ongoing marketing with the DHR. Whether it’s securing the best deals in traditional and digital media buys, developing new websites or designing pop-up banners and displays, we are helping DHR bring people to the North.

We advertise announcements for awards the GNWT has won, through various media buys regionally and nationally, including digital ads. To help fill various hard-to-fill positions within the GNWT, Kellett finds online job boards relevant to specific positions to ensure that they are visible to the largest possible audience of interested candidates.

We want people to know that the GNWT is recognized as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People and one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers.

Featured Campaign


Ottawa Career Fair Event Support, 2014

When the GNWT hosted a career fair in the Ottawa area in January 2014, Kellett assumed the overall campaign design production, keeping consistent branding across all mediums. Our responsibilities included designing newspaper ads for regional and national newspapers, as well as digital billboard ads that were featured on their website. We set up specific URLs for the various mediums that allowed DHR to track results on which aspects of the campaign were working. We also managed radio ads for the event, which included scoping options that met the client’s expectations, getting quotes from different media outlets, and overseeing the production of the ads.

Kellett designed pop-up displays and banner wrap for the GNWT’s counter at the event and nametags for employees. We also designed a draw entry form where people who attended could enter a draw for a prize, which also gave DHR an opportunity to track visitors and get contact information.

Digital Outcomes


Careers Portal

Kellett built the Career Web Portal to help the GNWT fill a void in recruitment — connecting with people who are interested in working for the GNWT, but aren’t yet ready to apply. The website integrates with an internal system and synchronizes job data every 15 minutes.

The site increases GNWT job exposure by providing jobs in an easily navigated (better visits), easily shared (email or social sharing) and easily parsed format (better search results from Google and job aggregators). Job alerts now automatically notify repeat visitors about new job opportunities that match their interests and talents.

DHR Website

Kellett built the DHR Departmental website to address the need for document management and accessibility for staff. With both unionized and non-unionized employees, DHR has hundreds of documents and forms that need to be available to staff members. The new website has several search tools, including one specific to searching the content of documents, as well as an advanced online reading tool for documents that make all of this information more readily available, and easier to consume for staff members.

The site was designed in conjunction with the Careers portal to ensure they have a cohesive look, but still maintaining slightly different appearances to account for one site being primarily for internal use, and another site being primarily for external use.

As part of the website development, Kellett also developed a large asset library with a professional photo shoot. Allison provided concepts and direction and worked with Dave Brosha to secure over 1,000 images for the department. These images are used throughout the websites to represent the diversity of employment opportunities in the North, and are also used for any other HR communications materials.