Dialysis North


Kellett was awarded the visual identity, website page and collateral development for the Dialysis Services Fundraising campaign. With the Stanton Foundation. This project addressed an awareness and communications need to drive fundraising efforts to improve the dialysis services available at the Stanton Territorial Hospital.



To create the overall look of the campaign, Kellett met with the Stanton Foundation board to discuss the current state of dialysis at the Stanton Territorial Hospital, what is needed, and the role fundraising plays in accomplishing those goals. Through those consultations and research, we developed a creative brief that identified what the campaign needed to communicate, and the call to action.

Kellett created two different campaign approaches, with different strategies and tones. One approach was chosen, and from there, the Kellett art team developed an overall visual identity, and produced collateral pieces including a website page, poster, postcard and brochure.


The Dialysis North program was successfully launched in November 2015 and fundraising is underway.