GNWT – Choose


Kellett was awarded the brand and marketing plan for the Healthy Choices Framework. This project put us in direct contact with several key GNWT contacts to discuss the issues and programs that they are working to improve the quality of life of NWT residents. Our mandate was to create an umbrella brand that can unite the various programs and campaigns related to healthy lifestyles and personal choice.


To create the brand, Kellett took an in-depth approach to ensure the best results. Through consultations, interviews and research, we developed an insightful creative brief that identified what people were looking for in the brand. Stakeholders for the project were also consulted throughout the process to get an internal point of view as well as critical buy-in on the project.

In addition to the branding, Kellett expanded the visual identity to a visual identity set, including template ads and posters. A part of the expansion was the development of a photo library of consistent and beautiful imagery.


The Choose brand was successfully launched in 2011 and still serves as the umbrella brand for a variety of programs organized by the Department of H&SS.

To reach out to the public and provide a place for information, resources and engaging stories, was created. The site is a full featured content managed website with custom modules for unique layouts, calendars, and an area where users can submit their own stories and interact with Healthy Choices.