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Hotiì ts’eeda NWT SPOR SUPPORT Unit

Hotiì ts’eeda NWT SPOR SUPPORT Unit
Hotiì ts’eeda NWT SPOR SUPPORT Unit
Web & Digital
Marketing & Strategy
Branding & Creative
December 2019 - June 2020
Northwest Territories
Project Summary

Kellett began working with Hotiì ts'eeda in Summer 2017. The initial project included authoring the organization's communication strategy, developing their brand, and developing their website. The communication strategy included stakeholder interviews and extensive research to inform a comprehensive strategy for communicating with the organization's stakeholders. Following the communication strategy, Kellett's creative team designed the Hotiì ts'eeda brand. The brand speaks to the connections, relationships, and knowledge translation that the organization facilitates. Finally, we planned, designed and developed the organization's website. The organization, and by extension their website, serves multiple audiences. Families, communities, healthcare practitioners, policymakers and academic researchers will each use the site for different reasons, and a primary user experience consideration was directing users to the right information.

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Client needs

  • A site with a modern look and feel
  • New features and content structure to facilitate access to Hotıì ts’eeda services and information.


Following the communication strategy, Kellett's creative team designed reviewed all the requirements to come up with initial development plan and wireframes.  The development platform used for the website was Drupal 7, a content management system that provides a simple and easy back-end system for managing all site content as well as implementing additional custom functionality.  



A stylish, modern, user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website built on a robust and easy-to-use content management system. With a variety of pre-templated content types, making it easy to add various different content from text to images to embedded videos and more, Hotiì ts’eeda can easily add and maintain content to present their services and information to their user base.  

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