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Indigenous Language Revitalization / Mentor Apprenticeship Program (MAP)

Indigenous Language Revitalization / Mentor Apprenticeship Program (MAP)
GNWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment
Branding & Creative
Northwest Territories
Project Summary

A part of Kellett Communication's work with the Indigenous Language Revitalization is the development of creative and illustrative designs for the Mentor-Apprentice Program (MAP). MAP is a way of learning a language where a fluent speaker of the language (a Mentor) teaches a language learner (an Apprentice) through immersion. The goal of the program is to have Apprentices increase their ability to understand and speak their language.

Client Needs

Revitalizing languages is an enormous task. Individuals, families and Indigenous language communities, along with Indigenous governments, the Government of Northwest Territories (GNWT), non-government organizations (NGOs), early childhood programs, schools, post-secondary institutions and other language partners has a shared responsibility of supporting and getting involved in language revitalization efforts.


With the intended audience in mind, Kellett Communication's outcomes of the projects are the following creative materials that speaks to the shared vision of “an NWT where Indigenous languages are supported, respected and thriving as languages of communication by all people”:

  • Several Infographics (visual explanations of the MAP program, Job Integration progression, and an illustration encompassing cultural and language visuals)
  • Pocket folder layout
  • Pop-up banner layout
  • Rack card
  • Postcards
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