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My Voice My Choice

My Voice My Choice
Health and Social Services - Government of Northwest Territories
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Northwest Territories
Project Summary

My Voice My Choice (MVMC) was first created in 2011 as a program to empower youth to resist alcohol and drugs. Over the last ten years, the mission of MVMC has changed to focus more broadly on youth mental wellness throughout the Northwest Territories. The purpose for MVMC is to give youth the information they need to make positive personal choices and behaviours related to their mental wellness.

The My Voice My Choice Campaign for Youth Health (My Voice My Choice) will continue the initial (2011) My Voice My Choice campaigns focused on empowering youth to speak out about their choice to not use alcohol and drugs or, in a later campaign, tobacco. This new iteration will expand to overall health, including mental, emotional, and physical health. The three main deliverables for the project are My Voice My Choice subscription boxes, a Pop‐up booth at youth‐oriented events, Online challenges. Kellett and our partners from Argyle and FOXY took a collaborative approach to this project. We developed content and promotional materials that have one key message that empowers youth to have a voice to speak out about – and to practise – healthier lives.


Client Needs

The objective of this campaign is to engage youth and young adults living in all regions of the NWT in interactive, hands‐on opportunities to learn about different components of health and wellness, and to use new ways to reach these audiences.

The short‐term outcomes of this project are:

  • NWT youth have increased knowledge of important health and wellness issues, and have access to an up‐to‐date repository of health information.
  • NWT youth express increased confidence in their personal health decisions;
  • NWT youth have increased opportunities to share, discuss, and learn about health and wellness in a safe and supportive environment;
  • Dialogues about health and wellness are taken out of the classroom, encouraging a whole‐life approach to health maintenance;
  • NWT youth are given opportunities to show leadership in health and wellness in their communities;
  • NWT youth have strengthened self‐care, leadership, and relationship skills;
  • Strengthened communications, coordination, and collaboration between the GNWT and regional/community wellness actors.


The long‐term outcomes of this project are:

  • NWT youth become better problem solvers, and show enhanced self‐efficacy in terms of their personal health and wellness decisions, and in exhibiting leadership to others;
  • NWT youth express pride and confidence in their health behaviours;
  • NWT youth experience improved physical health and well‐being, and stronger social and emotional development;
  • NWT youth feel connected to their community, to each other, to health providers and other supports.
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