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NWT CISPP Website Design/Development

NWT CISPP Website Design/Development
NWT Council on Inasive Species, Pests and Pathogens (GNWT - ENR)
Web & Digital
February 2021 - March 2021
Yellowknief, NT
Project Summary

A light weight website developed with the most up to date technology with modern UI/UX experience for website visitors.

Client Needs

  • All of the content on the website should be easily edited by the client.
  • Ability to report an invasive species by the website users using simple form. This form should give them the ability to upload images, video or audio files. Email notification should be sent to the website administrator as soon as the form is submitted. The submissions should be easily accessible on the website with the use of an account.


Kellett proposed to use Drupal 9 platform, which is current, modern, very robust and can provide a simple and easy back-end system for managing all site content as well as any additional functionality.


A simple and easy to use content management system with robust features on a modern and mobile-friendly design. Various different pre-templated content types allow the client to build pages that are rich and appealing using a simple interface. The site also includes online forms for users to report a species and become a member.

These features help NWT CISPP provide credible information, foster partnerships and engage with people to implement programs to help prevent, detect and take action against invasive species, pests and pathogens.

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