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Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Initiative: Communications Plan

Stanton Territorial Hospital Renewal Initiative: Communications Plan
Stanton Territorial Hospital / Government of Northwest Territories, Department of Health & Social Services
Marketing & Strategy
Northwest Territories
Project Summary

Kellett Communications was initially hired in December 2012 to provide professional, expert personnel and resources to support the communication needs associated with the planning activity that provides for the technical and program infrastructure renewal for complex, hospital-based tertiary health care. We have provided communication services since that time until March 31, 2016.


Kellett communications provided services that include strategic and tactical advice from our professional communication consultants, who developed and have continuously updated the Communications Plan. We have developed a project website; written news releases and briefing materials; assisted with the development of presentations; advised on processes to streamline development and approval of time- sensitive materials; and have advised and prepared responses for media inquiries. We have also fully developed a social media communications plan with its own messaging catalogue that will be ready for implementation when construction began in late 2015. As part of the social media campaign, Twitter and Facebook feeds will be integrated into the website and a community will grow to ensure that the public can be reached as quickly as possible with time-sensitive updates.

With a campaign that has been evolving and exponentially growing in scale and scope, constant communication between the Kellett account management team and the GNWT’s communications committee is essential. This is accomplished through weekly status meetings, as well as special meetings when required to review communications materials or address urgent matters.


Construction on the hospital started in late 2015, at which point, communications writing requirements increased significantly. The following outcomes have been completed:

1. A Communication Plan including:

  •  A comprehensive list of stakeholders and stakeholder segments, updated to reflect changes at different phases of the project.
  • A risk assessment identifying threats that could be mitigated through communications, updated to reflect changes at different phases of the project.
  • A communications framework and strategy to guide the development of plans
  • A description of communication channels and tactics recommended to reach and engage various stakeholders
  •  A detailed project plan identifying specific tasks, timing and responsibilities to devise and implement/publish tactics/materials
  • Processes will be supported in the plan through written descriptions, graphical flowcharts and forms.

2. A Project Website including:

  • English and French versions
  • News section and content
  • Information section and content
  • FAQ section and content
  • Several web forms for submission of content or questions
  • A timeline feature of the history of Stanton hospital
  • A subscription email service that allows staff and members of the public to receive notifications about the hospital construction progress based on the areas they find most important, set to launch in 2015

3. Communication Processes and Materials including:

  • Briefing materials for cabinet and MLAs
  • News releases
  • Newsletters and presentations for staff
  • A message catalogue of approved materials to respond to questions or media requests
  • A social media activation plan, including securing Twitter and Facebook accounts
  • An urgent communications protocol
  • A draft media plan, identifying best communications methods for reaching out to the different stakeholder groups

4. A video series profiling the past, present, and future of the hospital

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