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Yukon Employees’ Union

Yukon Employees’ Union
Yukon Employees’ Union
Marketing & Strategy
Project Summary

Part of a multi-faceted campaign, the Yukon employees' Union needed a website.

This is a multi-faceted campaign to elevate the current crisis around sick leave, special leave and indebted leave of employees in the Yukon due to COVID-19. The audiences are the Government, Yukon and federal, small and large employers and the public to show that the union is advocating for their 4,600 - 4,800 members. This is an advocacy campaign as well as encouraging social behaviour change in employers with regards to supporting employees with sick leave. This campaign is related to all leave related to COVID-19 to ensure employees are not indebted to their employer or have no vacation, sick or other leave for use.

Kellett developed a strategic marketing campaign plan, photography and videography assets with employee and employer representation, radio advertising, direct mailer, microsite, Digital Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube), as well as its organic Social media content.


Awarded Best Campaign of 2021 by the Canadian Association of Labour Media. In the span of four months, the digital campaign garnered over 607k Impressions, 65k Reach, and 5k Clicks for Facebook/Instagram advertising.

The Google Ads (Search, Display, and Video) accumulated over 352k Impressions and 1.5k Clicks.

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